BLIXA Artzine #4 release med Brian P. Ørnbøl

Lørdag 13. august 2016
Kl. 16:45
Arrangør: Mørke Dage
Mejlgade 53
8000 Aarhus C

Digteren Brian P. Ørnbøl læser nogle af de digte han har bidraget med, og Martin Pale installerer udgangspunktet for hans lyd-bidrag ”Conjectures on Combinatorial Complexity I”.


LIVE: poetry
EXHIBITION: sound installation

BLIXA ARTZINE is a zine taking its starting point in the cultural over- and underground of Aalborg, released as an ever-changing and wondrous size. BLIXA ARTZINE #4 hold the theme “Noise” and will be released at MØRKE DAGE post-event as a box with objects and a cassette tape containing various interpretations of noise, from poetry and graphics to field recordings and harsh guitar noise.

As darkness, noise is a word filled with negative associations, yet it is all around us. It leaks through the cracks of the concrete of which our houses are built, it spills out of the mouths of crying children and lying politicians and it drowns the radio in our car when it loses its signal. BLIXA have set out to examine and celebrate noise for its positive and useful abilities with their fourth edition.

For MØRKE DAGE post-event BLIXA will present writer and zine-contributor Brian P. Ørnbøl to read some of his poetry as well as the sound installation Conjectures on Combinatorial Complexity by Martin Pale.

BLIXA ARTZINE always contain original art, is produced in maximum 99 copies, have changing contributors from all over the world – both professional and up-and-coming artists. It is published twice a year and edited by photographer Niels Fabæk and graphic artist Nils Sloth.