Storybook Reading in Spanish for Small Kids

Fredag 9. februar 2018
Kl. 16:30
Gratis entré
Arrangør: Mi Escuelita Latinoamericana og Dokk1
Pusterummet, Dokk1
Hack Kampmanns Pl. 2
8000 Aarhus

‘Mi Escuelita Latinoamericana’, is a voluntary-run school dedicated to promote Spanish as a mother language for kids from families with a hispanic background. We believe that another language is one of the best gifts we, parents, can give to our kids.
Now we are happy to announce that, in collaboration with Dokk1, we are inviting Spanish speaking families, and others that might be interested, to come and share an afternoon together while enjoying a good story and sharing with your children the beauty of our language.

We will meet in Pusterummet, and the story will last for about 20-30 minutes.