About Aarhus Centre for Literature

In concert with the literary environment Aarhus Centre for Literature aims to communicate the city’s literature and promote the production facilities for literature. The object is to contribute to more visibility and co-operation, and also to develop and initiate projects and experiments.

Aarhus Centre for Literature aims to strengthen literature in Aarhus by:

  • Developing collaborative and new production platforms
  • Establishing networks
  • Creating more visibility, communication, and PR around literary events, book releases etc.
  • Bringing in outside inspiration (international co-operation, artist-in-residence projects)
  • Hosting courses and workshops, e.g. creative writing
  • Creating forums for discussing literature
  • Focusing on talent development
  • Offering advice on applications and fundraising
  • Thinking in cross-genre initiatives and literature in new contexts

The Centre for Literature will generally work locally, but also nationally and internationally.

Aarhus Centre for Literature is striving towards a vibrant and diverse literary environment in Aarhus and we welcome ideas for collaborative projects.