OPEN CALL: Masterclass 2015

Masterclass Open CallMASTERCLASS PROGRAMME 2015
INTIMACY – Art Writing the Body

The PROJECT ART WRITING  masterclass-programme-2015 is no longer open for applications. The participants are chosen and we are happy to welcome people from Sweden, Norway, UK, Mexico, Germany, USA and Denmark.

The concept of ‘Art Writing’ as we define it, refers to a genre hybrid for a range of heterogeneous writing practices at play within the field of visual culture, in which analytic and poetic text-based art can be understood as modalities of writing: at once fictive, critical and theoretical while simultaneously being in dialogue with the visual field: art writing relates equally to other forms of artistic practice and the text experiments may act in combination with photos, form, body, sound and space. The written text can be seen as the medium of art historiography, as well as the medium of an art practice as such.

Every year Project Art Writing is investigating in a theme, which is echoed in masterclasses, seminars and festivals trough out the entire year. The theme this year is INTIMACY – Art Writing the Body. We dazzle up for visual experiments focusing on the relationship between text and body: The body being an instrument for the appearance of the text, and the body as a reservoir of experience that informs the text. The theme also opens up to performance and brings at play all technologies, bodily traditions and medias involved with that genre as well.

The masterclass teaching programme evolves over 3 weeks in April, June and September, with Ida Marie Hede [DK] as facilitating main figure in collaboration with three international guest teachers: Steven Zultanski [US], Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen [DK] and Helena Eriksson [SE]. Read more about our teachers HERE.

Participation in the masterclass programme is free, and it is with that perspective in mind that those who participate will be contributors to our climaxing art writing festival WHERE WERE WE – a festival on writing, intimacy, body from the 2nd to 6th of December 2015.

The individual guest teacher will create the structure and content of each masterclass in collaboration with teaching facilitator Ida Marie Hede. All three masterclasses set out to inquire how the theme INTIMACY – Art Writing the Body echoes in the realm of art writing. The idea is to give the participants as rich and diverse and multi-layered an experience of what this may mean in practice. Therefore the three masterclasses will be offering three very different approaches to art writing, including three very different modes of working [together].

For each masterclass you´ll commit to stay five days in Aarhus: Monday to Friday. Teaching-hours Mondays – Thursdays will be decided later by the individual guest teacher. The class on Fridays will end no later than 3 pm.

Monday will always be an introductory day led by Ida Marie Hede, allowing the group to find common ground through smaller exercises, discussions, preparations and the like.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be led by the guest teacher of the week, in collaboration with Ida Marie Hede. Friday morning will in some cases continue and close aspects of the workshop with the guest teacher and/or Hede, and Friday afternoon before departure you´ll be asked to evaluate the masterclass.

Participation in the masterclasses requires that you already have an artistic portfolio of your own. We wish to provide a competence boost to already competent writers. If you are unsure, about whether or not you fit this description, do not hesitate to contact Project Art Writing for more information: +45 24 85 97 19

We expect you to produce texts between classes and to stay in dialogue with Ida Marie Hede and classmates, with whom you are engaged during group sessions and collaborative text making.

You will receive selected texts to read in advance of each upcoming masterclass.

Teaching, reading and writing will be in English as long as there are participants who do not speak Danish in the class.

A long the way you will be introduced to the curatorial team and invited to become part of the festival programme.

All Participants must want to invest themselves and also to work collaboratively if required during class. We expect you to contribute to a professional, friendly and creative atmosphere by your attitude and individual example.

Masterclass APRIL: 13th – 17th. Featuring guest teacher Steven Zultanski [US]
Masterclass JUNE: 8th – 12th. Featuring guest teacher Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen [DK]
Masterclass SEPTEMBER: 14th – 18th. Featuring guest teacher Helena Eriksson [SE]

All applications must be emailed to before 12th of March 2015.
The email must include a PDF with:

1) A motivated application [max. 800 words] explaining who you are and why you wish to be part of the programme
2) Your CV [short]
3) Examples of your texts [max. 5 pages]
4) Examples of your text trough other media is also more than welcome: images, sound, video, etc.

Ida Marie Hede and the Art Writing project team read all applications and select 12 participants for the programme.

12 participants are collected.

All three masterclasses are taking place in Vogn 1 at Godsbanen in Aarhus, Denmark.

Application: Thursday 12th of March 2015
Answer from office: Monday 23rd of March 2015

Q&A regarding teaching and masterclass – email: Teaching facilitator Ida Marie Hede
Q&A regarding accommodation, travel and stay – email: Project manager Trine Rytter Andersen