Lecture and Workshop: Making Social Realities with Books

Onsdag 22. januar  -  torsdag 23. januar 2014
Arrangør: Brett Bloom / Det Jyske Kunstakademi / rum46
Studsgade 46
8000 Aarhus C

Making Social Realities with Books is a series of lectures and workshops, that explores the idea of how books – libraies, archives, publishing, and distribution – are used to create distinct social realities, whether it is in small communities, or entire movements within art practices and related activities.

Lauren van Haaften-Schick: Critical cirkulation: Artist’s books, labor, and the law

Lecture: 22.1.14 19.00: Critical cirkulation: Artist’s books, labor, and the law

Workshop 23.1.14 10.00: Non-Participation

Lauren van Haaften-Schick is a curator, artist and writer from New York. Her current interest concern the legal and economic factors that influence the conceptual and material manifestations of art. She is currently working on ‘Non-Participation’, a publication and event series on artists’ letters of refusal, to be published with Half Letter Press in 2014.

Exhibition space rum46 / www.rum46.dk / rum46@rum46.dk

About Lauren van Haaften-Schick: http://www.laurenvhs.com/about/

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