Maria Fusco

MF“All authors are our contemporaries.” For me Art Writing is an organic activity. It pitches form to order the frequency and scale of concept, and, in this way is inherently interdisciplinary, recognising neither division nor boundary but rather seeking site. When I consider writing as practice inside contemporary art, I cannot separate the theoretical from the logistical. The subtitle of The Happy Hypocrite (the journal I edit) is ‘for and about experimental art writing’, it is this very for-and-about-ness that instigates meaningful change within an institutional context. “So, I travelled everywhere, and in order to do it you have to travel fast. You have to have a compendium of thought, take shortcuts… An elegant demonstration skips the intermediate steps… speed becomes once again a fundamental category of intelligence.”

Quotes from Michel Serres in conversation with Bruno Latour, Conversations on Science, Culture and Time, University of Michigan Press, 1995.

Maria Fusco (NI), tidligere leder af Art Writing-programmet på Goldsmiths, University of London. Nu Chancellor´s Fellow på Edinburgh College of Art

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